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Die aktuelle "Black Lives Matter-Bewegung" im Unterricht

- 11c verfasst beeindruckende Gedichte zum Thema "Diskriminierung" -

In der Black Lives Matter-Bewegung protestieren Menschen weltweit gegen die Diskriminierung von Farbigen insbesondere durch die Polizei. Wir haben die Geschichte der Civil Rights Movements näher beleuchtet und uns auch mit poetischen Protestformen wie dem Song „Strange Fruit“ von Billie Holiday auseinandergesetzt. Dabei sind sehr beeindruckende Gedichte über verschiedene Aspekte der Diskriminierung entstanden, die wir gerne mit Euch/Ihnen teilen möchten. (Am besten wirkt es, wenn die Gedichte laut gelesen werden – dabei kommt Poetry Slam-Feeling auf!)

Neele Hermes

Her folks had to teach her humility

Because white people think they are a priority.

Her folks say she has to behave

But she is wondering how to be brave.

Her folks say they have to accept their situation

But why do they have to suffer racial segregation?


While using public transportation

She feels the humiliation.

In need of a public toilet

She has to search for one desperate.

Signs saying “White people only”

Increase her enormous fury.


Any justification seems to be absurd

Her aim is to be seriously heard.

How can people only see the colour of her skin?

They look at her with a disapproving grin.

Her greatest desire is to break out of this jail

In which she is only locked because her skin isn´t pale.


She wants to make a difference.

She wants to end the violence.

She dreams of a bright future.

She wants to create her own picture.

She wants to lose the chain

Which caused a life in pain.


Her exclamation:

“Stop discrimination!”

She finally wants to breathe freedom.

This is something she experienced seldom.

In the end we are all only human

Made with the same constructional plan.




Charlotte Garling

„I can’t breathe“


But how could you be expected to be able to breathe?

In a country where racism is as normal as sunshine,

where the color of your skin is just another guilt sign.


How could one think you could ever get a breeze of fresh air?

When the air around you consists of violence and cruelty,

when your lungs could never be filled with peace and harmony.


Trying your best to be accepted in a world full of doubt,

Pressed on the ground and all you can do is shout.

They won’t even take that as a warning

but rather go on with their harming.


All the things they’ve done to you

is what breaks my heart in two.

Even though we are all the same,

they see a difference in you that they blame.


Johanna Lanfermann

Eight minutes and 46 seconds,

pinning George Floyd to the ground.

Eight minutes and 46 seconds,

creating a painful wound.

A wound that can´t heal,

that shouldn´t be real.

An unarmed black man killed,

because the world is filled,

filled with anger and racism.

Although our hearts all pound in the same rhythm.



Jana Behnke

There once was a girl who met a boy

he lived next door, there was no big distance

when they saw each other they were filled with joy

they thought between them was no big difference.

They got older and they still were friends,

they thought no one could break their band

but they forgot about the colour of their skins

even nowadays there is racism.

The boy was black, the girl was white

and when they started dating her parents weren’t glad

They said: “you aren’t allowed to go out with a black guy. Who gave you the right?

He is worth less, don’t you see the colour of his arms, his legs and his head?”

The girl couldn’t understand her parents

she thought racism was not a big deal

but then she realized the different treatments

it was so shocking, she didn’t know how to feel.

One day at school, a mobile phone was stolen

everyone thought it was the black boy

but it was an unjustified suspicion, no reason was given

He was expelled and bullied

Just because of racism.


Darleen Seppel

In Anlehnung an den Film Hidden Figures

Three clever women, achieving a big dream

But the only thing that matters is the color of their skin.

The colleagues are blocking them, they just want to scream.

Yet, these three women can't do anything but try to hold up their chin.


They are hushed, sexualised and hidden.

The rights of these human beings are forbidden.

But these three women never gave up

And found solutions, having their blow up.


They managed to bring a man up to space.

they're the reason the USA won against the Soviets in the first space-race.

Yes, these three women: Katherine, Dorothy and Mary,

prove that it doesn't matter which skin color you carry.



Sofia Sieverding


In such a period of time,

It’s not getting better, it‘s getting worse.

Everything they do is represented as a crime,

only a short look in their purse.


Police officers use their chain,

without any reason.

It causes so much pain,

and they still do that every season.


We all know Heather,

she also protested for Black Lives Matter.

This was a big move,

and they all showed the proof.


George Floyd was not fine.

Everyone knows his famous line.

He said: „I can’t breathe“,

because the police officer put him underneath...


…his knee and pushed on his head

 and now this innocent man is dead.